Meet Our Team

Chiropractor Daniel Johns D.C., F.I.A.M.A, Cert. D.N.

Dr. Daniel Johns uses chiropractic care to improve the health and wellness in all areas of patient's lives, whether they are having problems with pain, fatigue, or just want to start feeling better when they wake up in the morning. Dr. Daniel Johns developed his passion for helping people achieve their optimal performance and health through chiropractic care. A graduate of National University of Health Sciences in Chicago he has attended numerous hours of continuing education to further his knowledge and expertise in areas such as rehabilitation, dry needling, nutrition, diagnostics, pre-natal and pediatric care. Dr. Johns had two practices in Miami which he sold, to move up to Annapolis with his wife. He has had the privilege of treating many professional athletes ranging from Olympic medalists, to NFL players, to professional tennis players and CrossFitters.

Dr. Johns is very involved with all patient treatments and utilizes many different techniques to create an individualized approach to treating each patients complaints. Every patient is a unique individual, as is their diagnosis, which means there are no pre-determined treatment protocols and patients are involved in all treatment decisions.

Dr. Johns founded Elevate Life to address the lack of whole person care that is pervasive in today's healthcare. His goal is to not only get people better and allow people to get more out of their life, but to provide a clinic where patients can feel at home and completely taken care of. At Elevate Life all patients are treated like a whole person and not a file number or diagnosis. The staff at Elevate Life will always go above and beyond to make each and every visit unforgettable and as pleasant as possible.

Chiropractor Andrew Toth D.C.

Dr. Andrew Toth was born in Budapest, Hungary but grew up in Buffalo, NY. He comes from a very health oriented family given that his father was medical doctor/cancer researcher, his mother was a pharmacist and his brother is also a chiropractor. Health care is a daily topic at home. Dr. Toth began experiencing headaches as a teenager which exposed him to benefits of chiropractic and physical therapy and inspired him to become a chiropractor.

Dr. Toth is a graduate of Buffalo State College and D’Youville College in Buffalo. Shortly after graduation he moved to Washington, DC with his wife. While practicing in Washington DC, he worked with many different patient types from young to old and sedentary to athletic. Since graduating he has attended numerous continuing education courses for rehabilitation and myofascial release (ie Dry Needling, ART®).

While he enjoys working with all patient types, he is an avid sports fan and loves working with athletes. He has worked with all types of runners, cyclists, crossfitters, and various types of weekend warriors.

Krystal Gordon - Office Manager

Krystal is the office manager here at Elevate Life, where she provides a high level of customer service and takes care of all insurance needs. Krystal has extensive knowledge of insurance as she has worked in Chiropractic offices for a number of years, and can provide insight into your benefits and help to answer any questions you might have.

Krystal's primary goal is to make sure that each patient that comes into Elevate Life gets the best care possible, and leaves with a smile on their face! You can find Krystal at the front desk, where she will assist you and your family in scheduling appointments, and answer any questions you may have regarding your care. Krystal's smile and sense of humor will quickly make everyone feel welcomed to the office. Krystal is a newlywed, and with two small children her free time is filled with chasing her two young boys around. When you come in you can't miss her, she is the one with the big smile just waiting to help!

Chesley Owens - Patient Concierge

Chesley is part of the patient concierge here at Elevate Life, where  she provides excellent customer service. From scheduling your next  appointment to answering any questions about the clinic, she strives  to make each patient experience outstanding. Chesley is volunteer EMT  and is pursuing the nursing program at Anne Arundel as she tries to  find her footing in the medical field.

When her head isn’t in the books, she loves to be outside doing  something fun, active and challenging. You can find her at the  CrossFit gym, out on the boat fishing, or enjoying Navy football games with her family. She works every day to find a healthy lifestyle  balancing all aspects of life.

Jessica Holland LMT - Chiropractic Assistant (Training)

Jess has known since she was young that massage therapy was the path for her. She is passionate about learning and is continually expanding her knowledge and skills in both Eastern and Western techniques. Before earning her massage therapy through the state of Maryland, she graduated from UMBC with a degree in Psychology. Through knowledge of both body and mind she is able to integrate the two into every session to maximize therapeutic value. Jess brings a powerful touch and energy to her massage work. She believes in taking a holistic and integrative approach to health and thus uses a combination of modalities, including deep tissue, Swedish, trigger point, myofascial release, and sports massage to customize every session to fit the needs of each patient. She is committed to helping people achieve their total wellness goals, often encouraging them to incorporate chiropractic, acupuncture, and/or other physical therapies with the massage work.

Leslie Gibbons - Yoga Instructor

Leslie Gibbons founded Root To Rise Yoga in 2014 after studying under  Lynn Matthews and Yoga 4 Life. She received her 200 hr RYT and is  registered with Yoga Alliance. Leslie began practicing yoga over 12  yrs. ago and noticed the impact it made on her personal struggles with  anxiety and depression. Her goal is to spread the gift of yoga to as  many people as she can. She teaches in studio settings, elementary  schools and private groups throughout the community. Her hope is to  continue to grow in the school systems as she has seen amazing results  in the children she works with. She's also focusing on bringing her  teachings to women suffering from postpartum depression and anxiety.

In 2015 Leslie received her Yoga Nidra Certification studying under  Kamini Desai with the Amrit Yoga Institute. Yoga Nidra is a sleep  based meditation technique where clients are lead through a practice  that creates a combination of alert awareness and deepest relaxation.  You are taken into alpha and theta states of consciousness where  repair and healing can occur. Her Personal Mantra: "I am present in  my spiritual path to healing"

​A note from Leslie:

Yoga is an ongoing journey for me. I feel the  most at peace when I'm practicing on a regular basis. Yoga can  intimidate people, and I hope I can break that fear in as many people  as possible. It is not a practice that will ever be perfected for  anyone. We are all continually evolving and our practice evolves with  us. That's the beauty in meet yourself on the mat and move  with your breath letting it take you as far as you can go that day.  Namaste.



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