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"STOP SEARCHING for the best Chiropractic Care in the region!!! You have arrived and Elevate Life is it! Suffered from massive chronic pain in my rib cage area/stomach and lower back for over a year and had gone from my family doctor to gastroenterologist back to family Dr., to a pain clinic/specialist, back to gastroenterologists with absolutely no definitive diagnosis. All these specialists wanted to throw pain medication at the problem. That is not the answer. Multiple MRIs, x-rays, and other procedures with still no answers all while dealing with 8-10 pain 24x7. Absolutely miserable constantly and a pain in the ass to be around as a person. Constant pain sucks and ruins your life.

I was truly at the end of the tracks with nowhere to turn. Friends suggested chiropractic care, but I was skeptical. I am a big fan of holistic medicine and treatment, but I thought my condition was beyond these types of treatments and not related to muscles and alignment.

Enter Dr. John's and the skilled, professional staff at Elevate Life. I am a research freak and believe me I did the research 8 ways to Sunday to determine if Elevate Life was the best and if Dr. Johns could be the answer. I went into my first treatment feeling like sh-t and in massive pain and after 2 appointments the pain was down to a 6-7 and then after another session was down to a 4-6 and by my 6th session was at a 2-3. I am now totally pain-free. Like night and day!

BIG THANK YOU to Dr. Johns and his staff. They treated the symptoms and resolved the pain through a variety of chiropractic techniques and therapies. Don't hesitate, call these nice folks and beat a path to Elevate Life to get on the road to recovery and a pain free life. Thank you! I am a believer."

- David C.

"I have been experiencing lower back pain intermittently for the better part of 20 years. The last five years I have had an escalation in pain intensity and frequency. I have gone to several orthopedic doctors and surgeons. For me and my condition, the story is the same. Not bad enough for surgery, and a standing prescription for muscle relaxants. I travel weekly. Lifting luggage, cramped airplane seats. There have been times the pain was so bad, I could not get out of the hotel bed and where I used an office chair as a walker. I thought I was doing the right thing going to back surgeons. I wasn't getting better. I had drugs which would knock me out or leaving me so incoherent that I couldn't function in my job, or worse, be a mess in front of my kids.

Recently a colleague saw me while I was experiencing one of the lower back 'episodes'. He suggested I make an appointment with his doctor, a chiropractor, from whom he had achieved excellent results. I decided to give it a try since I had nothing to lose.

I hadn't thought about chiropractic care. I didn't know what it was and I didn't invest the time to learn. That was my mistake. I made the appointment. My mindset quickly shifted from I have nothing to lose to I have everything to gain.

My experience being a patient of Dr. Johns for the last several months has been great. I have learned more about how the spine and muscles work together, how the body reacts when pain starts. While the condition is permanent, the treatment is focused on activating muscles that have been locked in defense mode for years. I think the learning point is critical and a differentiator for Dr. Johns. Dr. Johns takes the time to listen, ask questions, answer my questions, explain what is happening in the body and what the treatment does. All this in a safe, clean, welcoming, calming environment.

I would recommend Dr. Johns to anybody with lower back pain. I would feel comfortable knowing that the person is going to get personal attention. They would have an honest conversation about their condition and what treatment if any would be appropriate.

I recently switched luggage for my business travel. I realized after the second trip, I didn't pack the medications for my back. That was a moment where it got real for me. The meds have stayed home. I don't need them anymore."

- Mike

"I cannot express enough gratitude for the relief that Dr. Johns’s treatment brought me! I sit at a desk all day and began seeing Dr. Johns for the constant tension that I carry in my shoulders and neck. The relief was noticeable after just one visit and got increasingly better each time I saw him. It was apparent from my first interaction with him that he truly cares about his patients and is knowledgeable about and willing to suggest a multitude of different techniques to get them the comfort they need. Dr. Johns is professional, knowledgeable, thorough, and friendly, and I highly recommend him!"

- Lauren


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