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Chiropractor Annapolis MD Dr. Daniel Johns


Daniel Johns D.C., F.I.A.M.A, Cert D.N.

Dr. Daniel Johns uses chiropractic care to improve the health and wellness in all areas of patient's lives, whether they are having problems with pain, fatigue, or just want to start feeling better when they wake up in the morning. Dr. Daniel Johns developed his passion for helping people achieve their optimal performance and health through chiropractic care.

A graduate of National University of Health Sciences in Chicago he has attended numerous hours of continuing education to further his knowledge and expertise in areas such as rehabilitation, dry needling, nutrition, diagnostics, pre-natal and pediatric care. Dr. Johns had two practices in Miami which he sold, to move up to Annapolis with his wife. He has had the privilege of treating many professional athletes ranging from Olympic medalists, to NFL players, to professional tennis players and CrossFitters.

Dr. Johns is very involved with all patient treatments and utilizes many different techniques to create an individualized approach to treating each patient's complaints. Every patient is a unique individual, as is their diagnosis, which means there are no pre-determined treatment protocols and patients are involved in all treatment decisions.

Dr. Johns founded Elevate Life to address the lack of whole-person care that is pervasive in today's healthcare. His goal is to not only get people better and allow people to get more out of their life but to provide a clinic where patients can feel at home and completely taken care of. At Elevate Life all patients are treated like a whole person and not a file number or diagnosis. The staff at Elevate Life will always go above and beyond to make each and every visit unforgettable and as pleasant as possible.

Chiropractor Annapolis MD Andrea Kneessi



As a mother and a triathlete herself, Dr. Kneessi understands the challenges of staying active, staying strong, and supporting a growing family. As a result, Dr. Kneessi specializes in a wide verity of women populations, helping to grow their strength and confidence through all of life's transitions. Whether you are a competitive athlete, going through the parenthood transition, or facing menopause Dr. Kneessi believes that you should be in control of your own health outcomes!

Dr. Kneessi earned her Bachelors's Degree from the University of Michigan, and her Doctorate of Chiropractic from the National University of Health Sciences. She is a strong practitioner of diversified adjusting techniques, including Thompson Drop and the Activator Technique, to name a few. She has extensive education in Functional Movement training including certifications in McKenzie Method, Webster Method, BirthFit, Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization (focuses on developmental motion patterns that help children learn to move) as well as specialized training related to the overhead throwing athlete, lower quadrant gait assessments and working with runners. Additionally, prior certifications include Dry Needling, as well as Active Release Technique.

Over the course of the last several years, Dr. Kneessi has become increasingly passionate about helping her patients to define and shape their own health journeys. By focusing on patient education and empowerment, while combining her enthusiasm for movement and for women's health, she has been able to help her patients define a new normal for the way they move and how they feel. She is looking forward to taking that dynamic approach to helping you achieve all of your health-related goals! Feel free to reach out with questions, if you have them, we are happy to help.

Chiropractor Annapolis MD Erik Korzen


Erik Korzen D.C., N.A.S.M.-C.E.S., P.E.S.

Dr. Erik Korzen is committed to serving others as a chiropractor and educator. At Elevate Life Dr. Korzen will function as the Director of Chiropractic Residency Programs, in addition to treating patients through an integrated approach to physical medicine. He joined Elevate Life "to progress the profession through the development of chiropractic residency programs.

Dr. Korzen has been in practice in Illinois since earning a Doctor of Chiropractic degree from National University of Health Sciences (NUHS) in 2013. He previously earned a Bachelors of Science degree in Health Science from Bradley University. Dr. Korzen has held numerous faculty positions at multiple educational institutions. Most recently, he functioned as a professor at NUHS, teaching graduate-level human anatomy in a cadaver lab. Dr. Korzen's practice experience includes private practice, as well as integrated healthcare settings.

He specializes in conservative physical medicine utilizing myofascial treatments, McKenzie Diagnosis and Treatment (MDT), joint mobilizations/manipulations, corrective exercises, KT taping and instrument assisted soft tissue. Dr. Korzen holds certifications in corrective exercise, performance enhancement, acupuncture, kinesiotape, and is pursuing the MDT certification.

In his personal life he enjoys running, exercising, being outdoors, and spending time with his wife and two children.

Chiropractor Annapolis MD Danielle MacCrory



Dr. MacCrory graduated from the University of Maryland Eastern Shore with a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree. She strives to use her knowledge of the human body and the whole kinetic chain in order to decrease pain and help patients to achieve their goals. Dr. MacCrory is certified to treat a variety of orthopedic and neurological conditions.

She has attended several continuing education courses addressing running injuries, along with pregnancy and postpartum related pain, and is especially passionate about using physical therapy techniques to help these patients.

She is excited to identify the source of pain for each patient in order to create an individualized treatment program for improved function.

Chiropractors Annapolis MD Kohles Meet Team

Physical Therapist

Kristen Kohles, P.T., D.P.T.

Dr. Kristen Kohles received her Doctorate of Physical Therapy from The University of Maryland, Baltimore. She previously was a Division-I Lacrosse player at Virginia Tech, where she received her Bachelor of Science degree in Human Nutrition, Foods, & Exercise. She has a specific interest in treating sports-related conditions and using preventative measures to reduce injury risk. Dr. Kohles looks forward to using her experience and knowledge towards helping patients maximize their wellbeing.

Chiropractic Annapolis MD Leslie Johns

Sports Community Coordinator

Leslie Johns, P.T., D.P.T.

Dr. Leslie is passionate about physical therapy and injury prevention. She received a BS from Slippery Rock University, PA in Exercise Science and achieved Doctor of Physical Therapy from Nova Southeastern University in Ft. Lauderdale. Dr. Leslie has always had a passion for treating adolescent athletes with a special interest in dancers and cheerleading. As a multi-sport athlete growing up, she believes injury prevention is the BEST form of physical therapy.

Dr. Leslie completed a neurology residency with George Washington University and Medstar National Rehabilitation Hospital in 2017. She has specialized training for all neurological disorders including vestibular therapy, concussion management, stroke, brain injury and spinal cord injury.

Dr. Leslie also has a passion for teaching and has taught DPT students at George Washington University. In her free time, she loves spending time with her husband (yes, it's Dr. Johns) and their two children. They love spending time outdoors, playing sand volleyball and hiking.

Chiropractic Annapolis MD Liz Scheuerman Meet Team

Nurse Practitioner

Liz Scheuerman, C.R.N.P, I.B.C.L.C.

Liz graduated from The University of Maryland School of Nursing with her Bachelors in Science and Nursing in 2009 and became a bedside nurse in the neonatal intensive care unit at University of Maryland Medical Center in Baltimore, a role she absolutely loved. During her time at UMMC, she was certified as an IBCLC (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant) and worked as a lactation consultant in both the hospital and private practice setting over the last decade.

Liz has always loved working with families in their breastfeeding journeys, and feels so privileged to be invited into such an intimate part of motherhood.

After leading a team to run a medical camp in Kenya, she decided to pursue her masters in nursing, to become a Family Nurse Practitioner, so that she could better serve the whole family. Liz graduated from Georgetown University School of Nursing and was certified through the AANP as a Family Nurse Practitioner.

Liz has always been passionate about holistic, wellness-focused care, starting from infancy through later adulthood and has a special interest in homeopathic medicine, utilizing an integrative approach to healthcare, and looking for the root cause of disease. She has personally experienced tremendous health benefits from integrating modalities such as chiropractic care, physical therapy, nutrition, and acupuncture into her own health journey and looks forward to supporting her patients in their own wellness journeys. She is pursuing additional education in integrative care & regenerative medicine to better serve our patients.

She loves to spend time with her family and friends, especially her husband and son, fishing, boating, gardening, and traveling. She truly believes that fellowship, community, and spending time in nature are integral to wellness.

Chiropractic Annapolis MD Jenna Rucker Meet Team


Jenna Rucker

Jenna Rucker is a licensed acupuncturist and graduated with her Master of Acupuncture degree from the Maryland University of Integrative Health in 2016. She practices a combination of Five Element, TCM, and Master Tung style acupuncture. She focuses on treating chronic pain and women's health issues, including infertility, and supporting emotional wellness for people struggling with anxiety, depression, trauma, and major life changes.

She is passionate about using acupuncture to lessen patients' pain and suffering to help them feel lighter and more at ease in their bodies and minds.

Prior to joining Elevate Life, Jenna practiced in Howard, Baltimore, and Frederick counties, serving a diversity of patients in a variety of settings, including correctional facilities, private and community acupuncture clinics, and integrative healthcare clinics. Before training to become an acupuncturist, she earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology and creative writing from Johns Hopkins University in 2010.

In addition to being an acupuncturist, she is an Usui Reiki Master and enjoys learning about alternate forms of energy healing, such as Reiki, EFT, chakra healing, and shamanism. In her free time, she enjoys different forms of dance as well as meditation, hiking, and spending time outdoors in nature.


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